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1 the driver of a team of horses doing hauling
2 someone who drives a truck as an occupation [syn: trucker, truck driver]

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team + -ster


(US) IPA: /ˈtiːmstər/


  1. a person who drives a team of animals (such as horses or oxen)

Proper noun

Teamster (plural Teamsters)
  1. a member of the Teamsters labour union, usually a truck driver
driver of oxen

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In American English, teamster means a truck driver. The labor union named after them is the Teamsters.
Originally the term referred to a person who drove a team of draft animals, usually a wagon drawn by oxen, horses or mules. A teamster might also drive pack animals such as a muletrain, in which case he was also known as a muleteer or muleskinner. Another name is a bullwhacker. In Australian English a teamster was also known as a bullocker or bullocky.
This term was commonly used during the US/Mexican and Indian wars throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries on the American frontier.


"Macquarie Dictionary" 2nd edition, 1991
teamster in Swedish: Teamsters

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Jehu, Sunday driver, backseat driver, bullwhacker, bus driver, busman, cabby, cabdriver, cabman, cameleer, carter, cartman, charioteer, chauffeur, coachman, coachy, cocher, cochero, drayman, driver, elephant driver, gharry-wallah, hack, hackdriver, hackman, hacky, harness racer, hit-and-run driver, jitney driver, joyrider, mahout, motorist, mule skinner, muleteer, reinsman, road hog, skinner, speeder, stage coachman, taxidriver, truck driver, trucker, truckman, vetturino, voiturier, wagoner, wagonman, whip
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